Silvia Peláez is a playwright, translator and fiction writer. She has a Master Degree in Communication by National Autonomous University of Mexico (unam). Her work deals with shocking stories that overlap. She has written close to 40 plays. Productions and prizes: The Waiting, 1989; Life Begins Tomorrow, 1990; The Wake, 1991; Moon of Blood, 1992; The Bakers, 1992; Death by Laugh, 1994; The London Vampire, 1994; The Hairy Guava Tree, 1995 y 2000; The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock (1995); Linares the Detective, 1997; Evening with Mango Scent (1997); Whispers of Immortality, 1998; Infatuation by the Green, 2003); Echoes from Mexico, 2004; Fever at 107 Degrees, 2004; Érszebet, the purple tub bather, 2006, Flesh and Bone, 2008; Interrogating Horace, 2010. For her work she has received national prizes, productions and readings in Mexico City, Chicago, Manila and New York and she has been included in the Mexican Writers Dictionary and the Encyclopedia of Mexico. Among the grants she has received: Centro Mexicano de Escritores (1990-1991); Jóvenes Creadores (1993-1994); National Endowment for the Arts fellow in artistic residency (1995) at Ragdale Foundation; Gateways Program in San Antonio, Texas (1996), artistic residency at the Writers Room, Nueva York (2001). In 2003 she received the Cultural Contact grant for the translation into English and development of her play Fever at 107 Degrees at The Lark Theater Company in New York. In 2006 she received the grant for Artists with a trajectory from Instituto de Cultura de Morelos. She has also written fiction and short stories, and had a column at the Reforma newspaper. She belongs to the National System of Artists Creators (SNCA/FONCA). Her most recent play is H & K, on the hypothetical meeting between Hilter and Kafka.

Contact: silvipelaez@gmail.com

Silvia Peláez




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